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ERN CRANIO 8th annual meeting

Nov 16, 2023

ERN CRANIO 8th annual meeting, Dublin, Ireland

The ERN CRANIO 8th annual meeting is planned for 16 & 17 November 2023, in Dublin, Ireland.

Thank you to all that were present during the 8th annual meeting on 16 & 17 November in Dublin!

We have had 2 very fruitful days, with specialists and patient representatives from all over Europe. Our annual meetings are the place to connect within the ERN CRANIO network, to share new project ideas, establish new collaborations and exchange expert knowledge in the field of craniofacial anomalies and ENT disorders. We greatly appreciate everyone's input and enthusiasm during this special event.

Click below for the full programme of this annual meeting.

Final programme ERN CRANIO annual meeting, Dublin
Download PDF • 970KB

Keep an eye out for our website and social media channels for the announcement of the 9th annual meeting in 2024!

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