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The clinical exchanges will help share expertise knowledge and expert clinical practice which will contribute to the care of patients. This exchange programme will offer the opportunity to learn from colleagues in the field.

Within ERN CRANIO we have the expertise and resources available to harmonize specific knowledge and reduce gaps in expertise. The ERN CRANIO programme aims to strengthen the bound between our members (full members, affiliated partners & ePAGs) and built and strengthen bounds between members within our network. 

Terms & key features of the exchange

The visitor will be responsible for arranging their hotel, travel, and travel insurance. ERN CRANIO will reimburse the travel and accommodation costs once the visit has taken place. Funding will be provided first-come-first-served and limited to the available budget, and are dependent on specific criteria. Weekend stays will only be reimbursed when work takes place, exceptions can be made if travel schedules oblige the visitor to stay longer (only when evidence is provided).

Key features:

  • Visit durations may range from 1 or 2 days, to a maximum of 2 weeks

  • A maximum budget of 1500 EUR will be provided by ERN CRANIO to cover travel and 

  • Clinical exchanges can be combined with your colleagues (2-4 professionals) if you go on exchange to the same hosting center

  • Trainees or fellows can apply for the exchange, if a letter from the supervisor with intend and benefit of the exchange is provided

Want to apply for an exchange?

You can contact project manager Jana Steerneman ( if you would like to go on exchange or if you would like to have more information.

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