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Uppsala University Hospital

ERN CRANIO full member centre.

This centre has expertise in:

The complete center described in this application is as an entity a network that gathers expertise from several departments and services of the hospital. Most of the included diagnosis are treated within a defined Craniofacial Center - a virtual organization dissociated from the line organisation of Departments. The care of the patients is conducted by teams that are to large extent overlapping. The following specilitites are represented: plastic surgery, neurosurgery, maxillofacial surgery, orthodontics, ear-nose and throat (airways, audiology, phoniatry, otosurgery, rhinology), radiology (odontologic and neuroradiology), pediatric neurology, opthalmology, speech pathology, psychology, hand surgery, pediatric anaesthesiology and intensive care, and clinical genetics. The care is coordinated by designated clinical nurse coordinators. Defined teams are: Craniofacial (National care), Cleft lip and palate for Uppsala and Orebro, pediatric airway, skull-base, rhinology, facial paralysis and otosurgery. Recently, the rhinology and skull base teams have been reinforced by recruitment of strong expertise in endocsopic surgery and we expect an expansion of these activities. Monthly facial paralysis clinic with reconstructive surgeon, ENT and physical therapist and full range of surgical and non-surgical treamtent options for facial paralysis. The Craniofacial team is tightly linked to the service for pediatric neurosurgery and perioperative care around transcranial procedures is to large extent based on infrastructure for pediatric neurosurgery and neurology (Neuosurgical intensive care and pediatric neurology ward). The combined reconstruction of the external ear, ear canal and middle ear involves a comprehensive multidisciplinary approach. Active middle ear implants represent another alternative and have increasingly been used for hearing rehabilitation in patients with congentital aural atresia. Clinical and basic science research as well as projects for innovative technology are closely integrated with the clinical activity. Research is also conducted in collaboration with the Departments of chemistry and technology, Uppsala university. Training is offered to residents from involved specialties. A craniofacial cleft and craniofacial fellowship will be inaugurated beginning of 2017. The center will contribute with diagnosis specific expertise and with experience from organizing team based care of the involved conditions. The Craniofacial team has a close collabortaion with the Cleft Palate and Craniofacial Center of Helsinki University Hospital.

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